El mundo amarillo | Albert Espinosa

El mundo amarillo

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‘The yellow ones’ are the people that give sense to life, which are between love and friendship.

El mundo amarillo is a fantasy world that I want to share with you. It is about the discoveries I made along the ten years I suffered from cancer. It is a funny thing, but the strength, the vitality and the discoveries you make when you are ill are also helpful when you are fine in your everyday life.

The aim of this book is to lead you into this special world; but above all, this book expects you to get to know the “yellow ones”. They are a new step on the friendship ladder, those people that suddenly came into your life, being able to change it with just a conversation. I cannot give you further details: You must read this book in order to discover «the yellow ones».Maybe, I am one of them…

El mundo amarillo talks about how simple is to believe in dreams to make them come true. And the fact is that believing and dreaming have so much in common. What are you waiting for, to discover who your «yellow ones» are? Albert Espinosa

«Albert talks about a world that is within the reach of everyone, a world in the same colour of the sun: The yellow world. A warm place where kisses can last for ten minutes; a place where unknown people can be your best allies; a place where fear losts its meaning; a place where death does not only happen to strangers and life is the most valuable thing. This is what this book is all about. This book is about what we feel but never say, about the fear of what we have can be taken away from us, about recognizing ourselves entirely and appreciating who we are every second of the day. Long life Albert! » Eloy Azorín, actor.